Welcome to our Buhler Legacy wiki.
Buhler, Kansas is located in the heart of Kansas. A sign, posted as you enter Buhler lets everyone know that Buhler believes in Traditional Values and Progressive ideas. The citizens of Buhler can look back to a rich heritage. Buhler traces it's beginnings back to German Mennonite farmers who settled in this area of Kansas. It is possible to hear a beautiful Christmas carol sung in German drifting out over the cold winter air in December. Grandparents may still drop a few German words into the conversation and tasty, rich German dishes such as verineka and zwieback still appear on tables in our community. Helping others, hard work and kindness are some of the traditional values that are still a part of Buhler life. As are the waving seas of wheat that surround our town. It is not uncommon to see wheat trucks and the occasional combine rolling into town during the dusty summer harvest. We are glad to share the richness of our community.
Buhler Grade School was the recipient of a Technology Rich Classroom Grant. As part of that grant students have been involved in exploring new ways to learn using technology. Students also began a journey to find special ideas, people and places in our community. This wiki is devoted to sharing some of that learning. Join us as we share our journey.