Goals and Objectives: Students will build a futuristic Buhler that is environmentally safe using the applications of Google Earth and SketchUp

Technology used: SketchUp (3D sketching software to create and modify 3D models) and Google Earth (maps and satellite images)

Skills: Plane geometry, social studies - mapping, city management - residential, parks and recreational, business, entertainment and industrial.

Overview: Build a futuristic and environmentally safe town of Buhler. A large poster of the students' work will be showcased in the school's hall.

Differentiation: 5 high level math students were selected to use SketchUp and Google Earth to create a futuristic and environmentally safe town of Buhler. After this high level group of students learn new technology skills working with our gifted teacher and our district technology integration specialist, the students will use their knowledge of these technology tools to teach other students in small groups. The student then becomes the teacher.

Applications: Students visited with a member of the city planning board of Buhler to discuss how the town of Buhler was planned and designed. They also asked questions about changes in the past and plans for the future of the town of Buhler.

Students decided who would design each section of the town - residential, recreational, industrial, business and entertainment . They designed their buildings in SketchUp and then imported the buildings on to a visual satellite map of Buhler in GoogleEarth.


Pictures of students working on project

Instructions for Adding Models from Google SketchUp to Google Earth.

Tutorial for importing buildings created in Google SketchUp to Google Earth.