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Sunshine Meadows Retirement Center Link: http://www.sunshinemeadows.org/history.htm

Sunshine Meadows Retirement Center is the business partner for Buhler Grade School. We are delighted to be able to share our school community with our friends at SMRC.


Our goal was to allow students to use a variety of technologies to gather historical information about Buhler. Students were divided into twelve groups to interview the twelve residents. Students interacted with the senior generation in order to learn about Buhler history. Students used higher order thinking during the entire process of interviewing residents and processing what they learned from the residents. Personal interactions with residents created genuine opportunities for students to learn. Students took their information gathered from the interview and wrote one to two page stories about their residents. Technology used in this project: iPods with microphones, video cameras, digital cameras.

Questions were created for students to use to interview residents at Sunshine Meadows Retirement Center. Questions were about the education and school systems, economy, family, Buhler traditions, myths, legends, and geography.


January 11, 2010
1st visit - Students interviewed residents using technology equipment, visited their rooms or villas, and played games with them. Each student had a specific role to play. One recorded the interview using the iPod, as students asked questions, another student recorded answers, while other students took photos with digital cameras and video cameras. Students went back to the classroom to work in teams, turning their notes into information to copy and paste in to the digital album.

After teams wrote their stories from their notes, each team took their laptop and hooked it up to the overhead projector to be edited by the whole class. Positive comments and evaluations could be made to help each team improve their writing. Teams then brought their edited copy to the classroom teacher to be edited three, four or five times - whatever it took to get it edited correctly.

January 22, 2010
2nd visit - Students took their final edited copy to have their resident edit for correct information and spelling. The residents were so exited to see their group of sixth graders. Many played games with their team or just sat around and told some more stories. During the next writing sessions at school, students made corrections.

Mixbook - Create Beautiful Photo Books and Scrapbooks! | View Sample Photo Books | Create your own Photo Book

Mixbook.com was used for this project because of the versatility of this web site to create digital albums. Teams then worked to copy and paste their written piece in the digital album. Students selected pictures taken of the residents with the teams to drag and drop into the album. Each team worked to design their section of the project.Mix Book -

May 2010
3rd visit - We will go to the Sunshine Meadows Retirement Center to take each resident their finished album and have a celebration. An album will be donated from the students to the Sunshine Meadows Retirement Center for a keepsake.