The teachers at Buhler Grade School would like to share with you some of our learning as a result of our participation in Technology Rich Classrooms. The following examples are student work and teachers tips and ideas. If you have questions please feel free to email us. Email addresses are listed on the "About us" page.

Visual Literacy in Social Studies - for each chapter, we use a Keynote presentation to introduce the new vocabulary with our classes. The presentation incorporates visual images of each word, a definition, and additional facts about the vocab and/or region being studied. We exported the Keynote as a QuickTime movie to embed on this page. If you click on the link, the slideshow will begin; you'll need to click on each slide to move to the next page.

Wordle as vocab preview

symmetry by using PhotoBooth
digital images to identify electrical sources, water cycle stages, states of matter
Comic Life to compare seasons in KS, comparing weather in different regions
Ks_vs_other_regions.png KS_seasons.png

Link to Portaportals

Link to class blogs/wikis
Goertzen's Guidebook class blog
Goertzen's Guidebook class wiki
4-Smith wiki
Smitherenes Soundoff class blog

4th grade wiki, created for novel study "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever"
-includes student-created vokis for analyzing characters' points of view
The Best Christmas Pageant Ever wiki Picture_1.png

Cause and Effect books
We study cause and effect in language. Our students wrote cause and effect scenarios, took digital photos of their classmates acting out their scenarios, and used those images to create a Keynote (PowerPoint) presentation about cause and effect. They shared this presentation on our school's morning television show.



We use VoiceThread as a method for the students to narrate about what they have learned or created. We like the fact that the students' parents can not only watch their child's work, but can also type or record responses for our class.
This is a VoiceThread that one of our classes created as an introduction to plane figures.

We use Keynote, Comic Life, Pages and Voicethread to present learned content in Science and Social Studies.

Below is an example of a 6th grade Social Studies project completed using Voicethread. We were studying Ancient Egypt and this project was about the mummification process.